English premier League | Arsenal will play against rival Crystal Palace on sunday.

Arsenal will face against rival Crystal palace on sunday on English premier League.Arsenal 2-2 tie with Southampton,expected to be the favorite in the match.Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger said "We are open minded and active,we look at opportunities.We still try to bring at least one player as we were hit by the suspension to flamini and the injury to ramsy.I would scrap the winter transfer wondow.It is 80-20 we will do something else today.A midfielder is one of the solutions.

Crystal Palace,coming out of a 1-0 win over Hull city,is expected to be the underdog in the match.Crystal Palace Manager tony Pulis dismisses claims he is to quit selhurst park ahead of hull city visit.Crystal Palace Manager tony Pulis said,I,m not one of those people.I spent Ten years at stoke.Denying claims of him leaving the club.

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