L.A. Lakers vs Oklahoma City NBA Basketball Conference Semifinals May 21,2012.

The San Antonio Spurs will spend the next few days resting up for the Western Conference Finals as the other six teams will each have a crucial Game 5 in their respective Round 2 NBA playoff series.This year's Spurs team is playing on a different level from every other team.

When critics floated out this may be the best Spurs team in the Tim Duncan era, you knew there was something special about this squad. San Antonio doesn't appear to have a weakness. It never beats itself, and the only team left in postseason that looks as if it can give the Spurs a series is the Oklahoma City Thunder.In the other Western Conference Round 2 series, the Thunder are pushing around the old Los Angeles Lakers as if they were Pete Campbell pushing around Roger Sterling on Mad Men. The times of the Lakers dominating with this current roster appear to be over and they show no signs of coming back. When it's over, you just know.The two Eastern Conference playoff series will likely be decided by the results of Game 5. The winner of Game 5 usually wins the series.

L.A. Lakers vs Oklahoma City

Conference Semifinals

Time : 9:30 pm

Date : Mon, May 21,2012.

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