Match preview for Austria Vienna vs FC Porto in UEFA Champions League

In this match there is one big favourite and a euphoric underdog. Austria reached their goal, the group stage of the CL by defeating Dinamo Zagreb with a score of 4:3. Porto was qualified after winning the Primeira Division of Portugal last year.It was the last time in season 2005/06, that an Austrian team made it´s way to CL group stage. Now Austria Wien has the chance to play in CL, but nobody was really happy about the drawing, due to the fact that no big team from Spain, England, Germany or Italy is in the group. But the teams here are all stronger than Austria Wien and it will be difficult to gain points for them. This was also obvious after the second game vs Zabreb, which was lost 2-3 at home. After Austria early took the lead Zagreb dominated the game over the most parts they turn the game into a 1-3 lead. Austria played too passive after their fast goal and Zagreb could play like they wanted. But then Austria realised, that they need another goal and Kienast made the 2-3 and shot Austria into Groupstage. Then Austria only made one point in the following two games in Austrian Bundesliga. The last game was a highscoring game against Grödig, which was lost 2-3 at home. Austria scored the first goal by penalty, but the referee made a mistake here, because there was no foul and GK from Grödig just played the ball. Although of this incorrect decision the lead was deserved at this time, because Austria Wien was better the whole first half, but best goalscorer of last season Hosiner didn´t use one of several good chances. Before the HT break Grödig suddenly made the equalisation by a long shot from Leitgeb. After this goal Grödig was the better team and used their chances and they made the 2-1. Later on Austria made the lucky 2-2, but Grödig won after another long shot by Leitgeb. Austria Wien was really unefficient in this game and often seemed uncoordinated and passive in defense, especially when attacking the opponent, who in ball possession.The last three years Porto won the Primeira Division and the club seems to be a phenomenon. They always play for the title although many players left the club the last years. So the team made a plus of about 286 million Euros in the last ten years, by just selling good players. Also this year two good player (Joao Moutinho and James Rodriguez) left the club for 70 million Euros. The reason for this good economy is the managment which does a good work. But there are still many talented and experienced players in the team like Jackson Martinez, Varela, Nicolas Otamendi, Eliaquim Mangala, Alex Sandro and Fernando are just a few to mention. In opposite to Austria Wien, who are currently just on 5th spot in league, Porto had a really good start with four wins in the first four games and first place after four rounds. The last game was 2-0 win vs Gil Vincente.

Match Schedule: 

Competitor : Austria Vienna vs FC Porto
Series : UEFA Champions League
Play-Off :18:45 GMT, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 2013
Stadio San Paolo

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